Georgia Garrison Squads

While the Georgia Garrison encompasses all of of the state, we operate out of five separate squads that represent specific regions. If you are looking to the join the Georgia Garrison make sure check out your local squad since they are likely the closest and best able to offer any help you may need. The current squads, each with their own local troopers, are known as Ocmulgee, Outlander, Venator, Coastal Empire and Terminus.

Ocumulgee was the first squad to be established and covers the regions of middle Georgia.


Outlander Squad was the second to be established for the popular area of Athens, GA.


Venator is a newer squad that covers most of North Georgia and is growing quickly.


Fourth to the garrison, is the Coastal Empire Squad that services Savannah, the coastal islands, and the Central Savannah River Area.


Our most recent addition is Terminus Squad which serves Fulton and Dekalb counties.


You are not obligated to join a squad simply because of your area but if you’d like to join one in particular be sure to include it when you fill out your 501st Legion application.