Kapow Comics TROOP

Our Colonel on front has gathered his report on the Kapow comics TROOP.

 AAR 01-14-15 (1)

Imperial military command,
Imperial city, coruscant

Colonel Dimitreus Xukov,
Georgia Garrison

RE: After action report – Liberation of Kapow comics

On 01.14.2015 the 501st legion Georgia garrison was alerted to the possible rebel infiltration of a loyalist store front (Kapow Comics). Having limited resources available I gathered a rapid assault squad consisting of two storm troopers and two older clone troopers and immediately proceeded to the location in question. Upon arrival a short reconnaissance determined that two high ranking rebel leaders, Princess Leia Organa Solo, and Commander Luke Skywalker, along with an unknown Jedi Knight were attempting to force the shopkeeper into an alliance with the rebel forces.
To his credit the store owner, Mr. Andy Diehl, remained steadfast in his dedication to the empire and COMPNOR ideology. A brief battle ensued with minor collateral damage and no Imperial losses. Unfortunately we were unable to capture or kill any of the rebel insurgents. Intelligence provided by the staff and citizens suggests that the rebellion is having a difficult time obtaining comic books. We may be able to use this to our advantage by baiting traps in the future.

Empire Forever,
Colonel Dimitreus Xukov
501st Legion
Special Operations Command





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