Mission Report: Atlanta Gladiators – March 19, 2016

::mission debrief start::

The Georgia Garrison showed up in force at the Atlanta Gladiators hockey game this past Saturday for Star Wars Night, supporting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.


Our troopers also bravely sacrificed their dignity to raise some charity dollars by manning a Blast-a-Trooper booth at the game.


There were also some reports of the Resistance infiltrating the area, but those reports were found to be mostly unsubstantiated.


Blast-a-Trooper raised over $650, which was supplemented by a $501 donation from the Gladiators, bringing in over $1100 for the PBTF.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us & a huge thank you to the Atlanta Gladiators for having us!

With unquestioning loyalty,


::transmission end::