8/11 Tellus Night at the Museum 6-10pm

A kid-friendly event for the whole family! Come for a fun evening of mingling with Stormtroopers, and learning amazing science facts. A great back-to-school activity!

Come and see the Georgia Garrison at Tellus Science Museum! You’re in for a special treat as stormtroopers and characters throughout the Star Wars universe flood the museum for after-hours fun. Can you find every character? You and the kids will have from 6-10pm to try! Along with many fan favorite costumers, the Tellus Science Museum will be completely open as usual for attendees to enjoy. The museum is chock full of amazing exhibits, from geological wonders to out of this world spacecraft. Non-member admission is $25, member admission is $15. http://tellusmuseum.org/museum-events/night-at-the-museum/