Akward! Standoff at the Pickens County Library in Jasper, GA


On Saturday, June 16th the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion sent an emissary from the Stormtrooper Corps on what was meant to be a lighthearted public relations visit with local younglings seeking knowledge of the Dark Side from archival records kept within the Pickens County Library in Jasper, GA. In attendance were 91 younglings and 74 adults yearning to more about the history leading to the formation of the Galactic Empire.

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Imagine this trooper’s surprise when he found that seditious elements within this system double-booked an emissary from the Rebel Legion for this event and that the emissary was the notorious Wookie known as Chewbacca no less!

Lacking additional backup, knowing full well this Wookie’s capabilities, the trooper remained steadfast and completed his mission spreading the goodwill of the Empire for all those that were loyal enough to accept our superior paradigm.

In an exceptional show of resolve our trooper was even recorded by the locals standing within Wookie-reach of this notorious brigand smuggler. This feat of courage took no small amount of focus and the Emporer is quite pleased with his actions.

Once again Imperial troopers prove they are superior in their abilities and actions even within the face of great danger at the hands of rebel insurgents. No doubt the younglings of this system will take note and make the right choice when it is their time to enter the Imperial Academy.

The Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion was proud to support the Picken’s County Library System and the loyal citizens of the Empire who attended the viewing of relevant archival records.

You may view more information about these important literary works on the Library System Interactive Channel as well as their Public Relations Transmission Frequency.

If any troopers or loyal citizens of the Empire have additional imagery of this event, please contact the Garrison Public Relations Officer for transmission encryption codes.

More Mission Photos in the Garrison Archive

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,