All Troops on High Alert!

:Emergency Flash Transmission:

All troops are commanded to battle stations immediately. The garrison will conduct an emergency invasion today at 14 hundred hours at the Hairston Crossing Branch Library in Dekalb County Georgia. Several Jedi insurgents have been detected in this sector by our probes and Lord Vader has ordered their termination.

The Jedi scum appear to be in search of the galactic historical archives which will be available at this installation today. If these fall into the hands of the insurgents the Emperor will be most displeased!

Combat brigades are to prepare for immediate departure from hangar 1138. Lord Vader will be leading this mission personally so look sharp!

Landing zone coordinates and logistical information can be found below. Happy hunting troopers!

Star Wars DK Easy Reader Book Party
Hairston Crossing Branch Library
4911 Redan Rd. Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088
Saturday June 30, 2012 – 2 pm to 4pm

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: