Altanta Pride Parade Security Detail

Georgia Garrison Clone Headquarters, Commander Cody

To all Garrison Personnel,

Me and Fast Guard LLC have just returned from a security detail in the Atlanta spaceport within the local sector. It is with great pleasure that I relay the details of our accomplishment.

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Veteran Clones and the newest crop of Imperial troops, I think they call themselves “Stormtroopers,” followed me and Lord Vader to this region in order to provide security for local denizens wishing to commandeer a portion of this port for their celebration known as The Atlanta Gay Pride Parade.

The Empire’s commitment to freedom of expression, life, liberty and happiness remain strong in the face of those who would oppress our Emperor’s citizens and the 501st was there to ensure a happy time, one might even say a gay time, was had by all.

Lord Vader, seen here sporting a stunning black feather boa, allowed the troops to make temporary modifications to their Imperial uniforms in order to further ingratiate the Empire to these loyal citizens.

Boba Fett surprised many when he arrived sporting a rainbow cape which he stated he had been meaning to take out of the closet for some time.

Parade goers were thankful and showed their appreciation as evidenced by the practicing of their local customs.

As your Commanding Officer I must relay my thanks and appreciation for your hard work. We have provided an important Imperial Service and helped many within our ranks take a first step into a much larger world.

Before Lord Vader departed I communicated my recommendation for a unit citation for all those who were able to participate in this security detail. Great work troops!

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Commander Cody

Georgia Garrison Commanding Officer

Imperial Clone Army

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