Atlanta Rollergirl Disturbance Quelled

:Mission Summary:

This past weekend, troopers of the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion successfully quelled the civil unrest in the Yaarab Temple Shrine Sector between the local tribes known as the Denim Demons and the Sake Tuyas as well as the Apocalypstix and the Toxic Shocks.

Initial Naval Officer’s reports indicate that no troopers were lost in this action though two of the local tribes were terminated in order to regain control of this quadrant of the Empire.

:Intelligence Gathered:

Local leaders of this hostile system maintain a historical archive of significant battles on this system as well as updates on recent changes to the political landscape due periodic civil unrest. Intelligence Officers are instructed to continually monitor these frequencies for system status updates, battle outcomes and historical imagery.

Atlanta Roller Girls Scores and Bout Recaps

In addition these barbaric tribes have been monitored issuing coded messages on local system broadcast channels in order to advance their respective agendas, these channels will also be monitored for events of interest to the Empire.

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:Imperial News Channel Updates:

While unauthorized information reporting by pirate information sources has been detected, troopers in this garrison are reminded to disregard this propaganda and study official Imperial news sources for additional details of this event. A video archive of the unrest and our subsequent occupation of this sector can be found on the Emperor’s favorite Imperial-run media below.

Troopers can bee seen monitoring local checkpoints approximately 1 minute into the archival video footage.

Fox5 News: “How do you do roller derby Atlanta-style?”

 :Notable Mission Incidents:

While most non-combatants proved their loyalty to the Emperor by providing information, housing and sustenance to our troops a Bith entertainment group known as “The Mystery Men?” responded to official queries with evasive behavior, general disdain for authority and at times rebellious hostility. Accordingly, peacekeepers were left with no choice but to set an example for all citizens of the Empire.

 Occupation troopers are to be commended for keeping abreast of Imperial notifications regarding creatures of interest to Imperial authorities. This mission awareness led to the detainment and capture of the notorious rebel assassin known as “Puffle” seen below shortly after capture. This agent of the resistance was observed to be posing as a seemingly harmless mascot of a local moisture farmer’s collective known as Canton Creek Farm.

After a brief struggle to avoid capture, Puffle provided troopers with important information about resistance activities. During debriefing, under threat of termination and subsequent baking at 400 degrees with shallots and red potatoes for about one hour,  Puffle has enthusiastically agreed to join the Legion ranks as our first Stormtrooper cadet of the Gallus gallus domesticus species. Henceforth this cadet hall be known as, “Puffle the Stormchicken.”


The Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion was proud to assist loyal citizens of the Empire by providing security assets and occupation forces to bring order once again to this dark corner of the galaxy.

Troopers are instructed to review the Garrison Gallery for more images of this action as they are made available.

If any troopers or loyal citizens of the Empire have additional imagery of this event, please contact the Garrison Public Relations Officer for transmission encryption codes.

Mission Photos in the Garrison Archive

In addition, loyal citizens may maintain awareness of future Georgia Garrison activities through our public broadcast channel.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: