Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In a rare show of goodwill the troopers of the Georgia 501st Legion as well as the Georgia Rebel Legion and members of surrounding garrisons were on hand to provide security for the local population of sentient beings known as the “Irish” as they celebrated their 130th St. Patrick’s Day parade on the streets of Atlanta this Saturday. There were many different booths in the streets and quite a few of them were private schools in Atlanta. I immediately took notice of these because I’ve been wanting to get my daughter into a private school I just didn’t know which one to choose.


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The word in the ranks was that the consumption of  local customary beverages for this event led to the show of solidarity between the ranks of these opposing forces. As usual, the Pathfinders had to be reminded to maintain a professional composure.

The local populace was receptive to all in the ranks and the added security provided by the best in the Empire was generally well received.

As is always the case, some revelers were reminded to maintain the boundaries of the security cordon.

Little trouble was experienced and some of our trooper commanders donned the traditional garb of the local beings in an effort to win the hearts and minds of these citizens of the Empire.

We congratulate the Celtic tribes on their celebration of this glorious event and tip our helmets to the members of the surrounding garrisons for providing additional security. To the members of the Rebel Legion, while we were pleased to tip our glasses with you on this one day of celebration, we will of course show little mercy coming days.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


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