Be Alert: New Bounty Hunter On-Board

:Begin Transmission:

Georgia Garrison Troops,

All troopers are commanded to be especially vigilant in assigned security details. Lord Vader has seen fit to enlist the services of a particularly disagreeable bounty hunter known as BH-5361 aka: “Death Watch Darling.”

This particular mercenary is as cunning as she is deadly and it is suggested that all troops in this command provide her with a wide berth at all times. Making eye contact or any sudden moves in this Mandelorian’s presence is not advisable. We have already had one unfortunate incident in the mess hall, let’s just say yes .. she IS going to eat all of her tots.

As always bounty hunters assigned to this installation are restricted from all secured areas. If you witness these “contractors” accessing any installation control panels or service ports you are to report to your deck commander immediately. Fraternization is strictly forbidden as per Governor Tarkin’s previous memos on this topic.

Additional profile information regarding this mercenary can be found in the Legion Archives as well as the Garrison Secure Channel.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: