CELEBRATION – One month to go!

Panic time is among us!


Time to finish up costume repairs, wrap up the “TOP SECRET” projects and stop spending any money whatsoever!!  We are 1 month away from one of the biggest events of the year if you are a Star Wars fan!


We at the 501st Georgia Garrison want to help you ensure you have everything ready to go, so enjoy our short Survival Guide!


Tips and helpful suggestions for Driving down to Orlando!


  1. The road most traveled – Most folks will be traveling down by I-75 South to the FL Turnpike.  Remember that the Turnpike is a TOLL ROAD! Have cash on hand to make things easier!
  2. If you are traveling solo, make stops to keep yourself alert & awake! (You’re no good to us dead!)
  3. Plan ahead and keep the rush hours in mind as I-4 and the Turnpike can get crazy backed up in all direction on even the best days (Just like here in Atlanta)!
  4. If you aren’t traveling in a convoy, make sure you have contact details for fellow troopers in case you run into trouble.
  5. Last, but not least, make sure you have all of your Tickets, Badges and all of your important information packed and with you when you leave your home base!


We look forward to seeing everyone safe & in one piece next month at Celebration!