Congratulations to Imperial Gunner IG-7823

:Begin Transmission:

All members of the Georgia Garrison are asked to take a moment to welcome 501st veteran IG-7823 to the Gunnery Corps now stationed in this installation. As some of you may know, IG-7823 has transferred from the Pathfinder Detachment where she served honorably as a Biker Scout 1st Class until an unfortunate and quite bizarre incident on patrol led to the loss of her two elbows and her belly button.

IG-7823 was on a routine scouting patrol on a small forest moon in the Modell Sector when she was viciously attacked by some form of bear-like creature she described as looming over 9′ tall and wearing a primitive leather hood. The creature, though clearly tribal, utilized rudimentary tools and weapons in order to dismount IG-7823. The event was obviously very traumatic and medical droids reported IG-7823 as having fitful session in the Bacta facility as she slipped in and out of consciousness in which she was heard to exclaim phrases such as, “He’s got huge, sharp… er… He can leap … big fangs … bite your head off … most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered bear … Look at the bones!”

Other scouts who provided aid moments later could only detect very small paw prints at the scene which could not possibly match those left by the beast described by IG-7823 and the investigation is ongoing.

Given all this soldier has been through it would be easy for her to rest on her laurels and provide only the required amount of attention to her new post, but I am happy to report that Lord Vader and Governor Tarkin are most pleased with the initiative displayed by IG-7823 in her new role.

We all know that life in the service of the Empire, while rewarding, can also be quite routine and morose at times. Eliminating planetary systems takes an especially hard toll on our gunners and they are often in need of something a little off-beat to lift their spirits between genocides.

IG-7823 recognized this very early on and she has become known as a bit of a card within the ranks by raising morale with her creative displays. Recently in the South Comm Tower, Lord Vader and Governor Tarkin were heatedly and contentiously discussing the logistics of our next mission. Gunners there were already on edge and the tension was palatable as our leader’s disagreement rose in volume and fervor. Always the joker, IG-7823 took it upon herself to provide much needed humor and levity to the situation as captured on one of our security monitors below.

Needless to say the sight of one of our gunners lazily strutting by Lord Vader and Governor Tarkin in sandals caused all crewman present to burst out into laughter and revelry. Once Lord Vader and Governor Tarkin saw the source of this laughter they too were caught up in the moment and in a rare display of goodwill they joined in with the troops for a round of, “For she’s a jolly good fellow!”.

In addition, Governor Tarkin has commanded the implementation of “Casual Fridays” within the garrison. From this point forward, when we are not on high alert, all troops are encouraged to sport the footwear of their choice for Friday duties! It is hoped that this bit of irreverence will raise the spirits and moral of the garrison troops. Those not participating are to be reported to Lord Vader for disciplinary action until such time as their morale improves.

Congratulations again to IG-7823 for your service and for the wit and creativity you bring to the corps. Also, good show on not getting force-choked for that little stunt!

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: