Cookout Collaborators: All Planetary Leave Cancelled Until Further Notice

From the Desk of  Governor Tarkin

To all Georgia Garrison personnel,

All scheduled liberty from base operations has been cancelled until further notice pending an investigation by Imperial Naval Intelligence. It has come to my attention that members of my command including executive leadership were detected engaging in unauthorized revelry with units from a nearby Rebel outpost. Probe droids intercepted the following transmission which is still being authenticated.

This past weekend, members of the Georgia Garrison and Bespin Base joined forces for a little R&R at our annual Spring Fling at Stone Mountain!
Members brought drinks, chips, [GARBLED] hot dogs, burgers, and even egg rolls to eat.
Upcoming major events were discussed- Star Wars Celebration 6,[GARBLED] and Dragon*Con- along with a planned armor party in the near future.
Good times were had by all!

Rest assured the source of this transmission will be determined and those found to be responsible will be dealt with soon enough. My patience for this type of collaboration is at an end and I grow tired of asking this so it will be the last time. Who are the troopers pictured in the following image scans and what are their designations?

See More Archival Image Scans: Cookout Collaborators

I should not need to remind Imperial personnel that unauthorized dealings with mercenaries is especially egregious and a clear violation of Galactic protocol. We are the ultimate power in the universe, we simply do not need these scum.

I urge all officers to review the additional intelligence imagery in the following archives. I want a complete list of troopers who have rewarded my leniency with this treasonous collaboration.

See More Archival Image Scans: Cookout Collaborators

This will be addressed publicly in the main hangar area once the cargo ship captured this morning has been searched and cleared by security. Troopers are to assemble near the blast doors and await Lord Vader’s arrival from the officer’s morning status meeting.

Governor Willhuff Tarkin

Grand Moff, Imperial Navy