Dragon*Con 2018

The convention weekend has passed, filled with wonderful camaraderie and good times to remember for years. Dragon Con is never complete without the Georgia Garrison! Every year we prepare our costumes and head to Atlanta with welcoming attitudes, and love for all. This year was no different. Georgia Garrison welcomed fellow Legion members from all over the world! The 501st aren’t the only ones we welcomed, either. Dozens of costumers came to our booth in the Marriott looking for inspiration, pictures with Garrison members, advice, and just a good conversation.

Though we may be the last in the Dragon Con Parade, we seem to be the most heralded. Georgia Garrison dutifully marched in the Parade again this year, expertly organized and ready  to interact with Parade Goers! Crowds and crowds of onlookers cheered for us Saturday morning, and we hope we didn’t disappoint!

Photo by Cory Dornbusch
Photo by Cory Dornbusch

And can we talk about the Jawas please? Let’s hear it again for the amazing work done on the sand crawler and bantha floats for the parade! The dance Jaws really brought the life of the party.

Photo by Greg Eisenhauer

Despite our exhaustion, we brought it again throughout the con at our many panels! A special meet and greet for kiddos who don’t like crowds, as well as a few lectures about costuming and life inside the clubs.

Photo provided by Cliff Bray

Dragon Con 2018 was another success this year, and we are counting down the days to next year. It is a time to see old friends, make new ones, represent our Garrison, and serve the nerd-community in big ways. Until next year!