Dragon*Con Occupation Data Located

Command Bridge Executor, Admiral Piett

To all Legion Personnel,

As you know I have recently assumed command of Lord Vader’s flagship the Executor due to the sudden retirement of former Admiral Ozzel. I have been asked to convey the Admiral’s gratitude for your service and to relay regret for his swift departure. For security reasons there will be no communications allowed with the former admiral as he relocates to a secure location for a well deserved retirement.

With the success of the Hoth action behind us our troops continue to comb the captured  insurgent base for intelligence regarding their next move against freedom and liberty. In this search we have located the lost mission reports and imaging data from the Dragon*Con occupation in the Atlanta sector earlier this month.

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Imperial Forces from many garrisons and outposts worked in unison throughout this occupation to bring order to the local inhabitants.

As you can see by the image data below, all forms of sentient beings were encountered including the notorious space-pirate “Puss and Suits” who was detained, interrogated and transported to a system pharmaceutical laboratory for product testing.

The brigands identified below were found to be dealing in Death Sticks, terrorizing off-duty troopers and attempting to commandeer an Imperial Star Destroyer by posing as the Emperor’s (fictional) long lost cousins “One-eyed-Larry” and “Creepy Carl.”

They were detained, but were able to flee by convincing two of our female officers to join them in an escape pod to an unknown destination. These creatures now have the death sentence in a total of 12 systems and should be considered armed, dangerous and of questionable hygiene.

Imperial Troops located and confiscated many unregistered droids of unknown manufacturing origin. The units below were melted down and sold for scrap and all realized revenues were donated to the Sith Academy in order to help fund Lord Vader’s new training stadium.

New of our victory in this quadrant rapidly spread throughout the system via local information sources with proper Imperial motivation of course.

Sensing the certainty of our rule, local artists including Christian Waggoner were quick to shower our troopers and their families with gifts in order to convey good-will and their willingness to submit to rightful subjugation.

As the action drew to a close Imperial Forces engaged in some well deserved revelry in order to build morale and compare occupation notes with their colleagues from distant garrisons and outposts.

I am also happy to report that shortly before departure, Lord Vader was able to locate and terminate one of the relentless Jedi insurgents within a local cantina as one of our more giddy troopers looked on with pride.

I must commend all troopers involved in this occupation as it is a shining example of by-the-book subjugation. While there were some cases of viral infection reported by detachment leaders, the so-called “Con-Crud” seems to have run it’s course and medical droids have treated all known cases.

Scanner data read-outs indicate that we will only need to maintain a small local garrison in order to keep the system in line though the fleet will circle around through this quadrant in one year’s time to assess operations and security.

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Well done troopers, you have earned the gratitude of your Emperor, Lord Vader and myself.  Now get back to work.

Admiral Firmus Piett

Imperial Navy