Georgia Garrison Gwinnett Gladiators Scouting Mission

:Begin Transmission:

The Georgia Garrison received intel that a group of local athletes displayed the potential to be recruited into the Imperial Army.  Our forces descended upon the Gwinnett Arena to scout out these promising soldiers known as the ‘Gwinnett Gladiators’.



Initial resistance was minimal, I mean around four-foot.


We have unconfirmed reports of rebel forces being sighted.  During questioning our troopers discovered that we do not need to see their identification.  These were not the rebels we were looking for.  Move along.


Unruly members of the crowd were dispersed through judicious use of of a technique known as the “Chicken Dance.”


Lord Vader saw fit to supervise the mission, investigating reports of multiple “Power Plays” and their implications with the Force.


The outlaw Chewbacca was spotted despite a clever disguise, but ultimately avoided capture.

Ultimately these “Gladiators” won their contest with two goals and were deemed too accurate of marksmen to fit in with the Imperial Army.

TK 5934

:End Transmission: