Have You Seen This Trooper?

:Internal Imperial Memo:

It is with great regret that I forward the following broadcast from the Outer Rim command.

All Imperial Forces are commanded to use all due diligence and attention in the detection and detention of Sandtrooper TD-4095. Following our glorious victory at Turner Stadium 4095 has been noticeably absent from formation as well as his assigned duties.   Intelligence suggest that this trooper was overwhelmed by the celebration after Lord Vader’s victory and took it upon himself to join planetary natives in conduct most unbecoming a security officer of the Empire.

To the left you will find an image of the wayward trooper. Note:Suspect’s appearance may vary as he was last reported wearing a purple mullet hair piece.

Various complaints and reports have reached the Imperial Citizen Support Center and at last tally (presumably due to 4095’s status) four transports have been wrecked, a trooper was seen riding a Womprat through a local system pub, and not less than seven of Jabba’s Twi’lek attendants claim to have claims of a personal nature with this wayward trooper.

While Lord Vader was initially amused, it is unacceptable to the Emperor that a Tusken Raider was found in a personal service stall in a Mos Eisely Cantina suffering from extreme trauma and according to historical archives, a “super atomic wedgie.” More information on the status of this native as it is available.

Below you will find the most recent images of 4095 after his disappearance as gathered from various Imperial channels.

All troopers with information on the whereabouts of 4095 should report to their deck officers immediately to avoid further disruption of Imperial operations as well as personal or professional repercussions.

In begrudging service to the Empire and with relatively unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: