I’m Dreaming of a White-Armored Christmas

:Begin Radio Broadcast:

Keeping with tradition, the 501st sent a substantial force to Atlanta for the annual Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas parade.

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 As a precaution, blasters were set to ‘merry’.

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 Initial attempts to infiltrate Santa’s workshop undercover failed.  Our forces underestimated Mr. Claus’s counter-espionage tactics.


“Hah, look at Vader’s scarf.  You’d think he would be warm enough after Mustafar, am I right?  Am I r- [strangling noises]”


Sadly the afternoon did not go perfectly, as one of our own was discovered to be a rebel spy.  He is scheduled to be shot, put in a bacta tank, then shot again.

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission: