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Do you have a passion for Star Wars and helping others? Do you own (or want to build) a
professional-quality costume based on “bad guy” characters from Star Wars? Are you at
least 18 years old? If you answered yes to these questions then read on because the
Georgia Garrison is here to help!

STEP 1: Decide on your Costume

First, you need to choose what you are going to wear! Click HERE to see the list of all
501st Approvable Costumes!

STEP 2: Join the Georgia Garrison Forums

If you live in Georgia, we are your garrison! We have our website (that you are on now) but
on our forums is where all the member stuff happens. So now you will want to click
HERE and register. Once you are logged in, make sure to check out the Welcome Center
and post in the Imperial Academy sub forum to request cadet status! Let us know who you
are, what part of Georgia you are from, and what costume you are working on. There will
also be information available on the forums for upcoming events and meet & greets.
Handling at events and attending meet & greets are great ways to not only meet members
of the garrison, but also to get assistance with building your costume.

STEP 3: Join your Detachment Forums

Now that you have decided what to wear, you have to build it, sew it, put it together and get
it looking Canon! (Canon is a term that is used to describe “Screen Accuracy”, IE, how close
does your costume look to what you would see in the movies.) Click HERE to see a list of
all the Detachments. Login to the one that relates to your costume, sign up on their forums
and start asking questions! When it comes to making a screen accurate costume, your
detachment is where you can get a ton of information!

STEP 4: Build your costume!

This is the difficult part. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the GML or garrison costume
mentors with any questions you might have. It is a good idea to create a “build
thread” (forum post where you post work-in-progress pics of your build) on the Garrison
or Detachment forums, so that the GML, costume mentors, or other members with the
same costume can offer advice as you build. Finally, keep a close watch on the Garrison
forums for any armor parties. These are great ways to meet members and also get lots of
help with your costume build.

STEP 5: Take your Approval Photos & Email them to the GML

You are almost there. The last step is to get your costume approved by the Garrison
Member Liaison (GML for short)! To do this, you should take several high quality photos of
your costume. Take them from the Front, Back, Both Sides, with your Hands Up and if you
wear a bucket (a helmet) take one without a bucket on. Use good lighting, and make sure
there is a plain (as possible) background behind you. Once you have your approval pictures
ready, you can click HERE to send them to the GML!

Make sure to fill out an application, too. This is available online at
join_form.php. You will need to provide a five (5) five-digit number to be your Legion ID
(TKID). These need to be from 10000 to 99999. A list of available IDs is available HERE. You
may also elect to join a squad. Squad membership is completely optional but recommended.
You will now be communicating directly with the GML. The GML staff will inform you if
your costume is approved or not. If it isn’t, they will let you know why and provide you with
details on what needs to be fixed for approval. Once it’s approved, your GML will provide all
the information required to upgrading your access on the Georgia Garrison forums and
how to join the 501st Legion Forums!

STEP 6: Join the 501st Forums

Once you have received your TKID from the Legion Membership Officer, you’ll want to sign
up on the 501st Legion website. Click HERE to visit the Legion Website and signup on the

So in summary, you will be part of 3 different forums:
Garrison Forum: Where local events and announcements are posted that you can sign up
for and troop.
Detachment Forum: Relates to your costume and is available to those costume builders
501st Legion Forums: Where legion news, elections, and more are posted. This is available
to all 501st legion members.

Once you complete these steps….
Welcome to the 501st Legion, Georgia Garrison!
May the Force Be with You