Mandatory Range Qualifications Today

:Begin Transmission:

By Order of Lord Vader,

All Imperial Troops are commanded to muster for mandatory blaster range qualifications today. Lord Vader is most displeased by the abysmal firing performance of the troopers during the rebel infiltration and escape last last month in this facility. Many troopers were terminated in a number of engagements on multiple levels yet only one rebel KIA was reported and that was at the hands of Lord Vader himself.

Troopers I cannot stress how poorly this reflects on our Garrison and I urge all to study the enclosed image of the targeting hologram you will use to qualify.

Those who do not qualify with an acceptable score will find themselves assigned to a most unpleasant assignment in the Outer Rim Territories furthest from the bright center of the Universe.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: