New Technology and Scientists Secured

:Begin Transmission:

Lord Vader has today secured new technology and scientists for the Empire in a lightning raid of River Ridge High School in Woodstock, GA during the academy’s annual science fair. He will be arriving shortly with “volunteers” who wish to utilize their talents and expertise towards the creation of technology which will assist in our efforts to eradicate the rebel scum.

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Little resistance was encountered despite the best efforts of the remaining Jedi. In short order Lord Vader turned their agents to the Dark Side and enlisted them as agents for the Emperor.

All officers are commanded to report to the briefing room on level 1138 immediately for a presentation regarding the technology under development that will be deployed against the rebels in short order.

Punch and Pie.

See Additional Images in the Imperial Archives

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission: