Prisoner Transport Detail aka “Little 5 Points Halloween Parade” – Success!

:Begin Transmission:

Imperial Gunner IG-9447 reporting on behalf of Lord Vader, his officers and troopers.

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The prisoner transport detail in the Little 5 Points sector of this system was a complete success.  Imperial Forces transported a group of Rebel spies found to have been cloned from the insurgent known as Princess Leia Organa.

Lord Vader’s plans to provide cover for this detail by commanding local Imperial citizens to hold a mock parade were as inspired as they were effective. Little or no resistance was encountered during our patrol.

The diversionary tactic was advertised as the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. The creatures inhabiting this system and attending this event made those in the Creature Cantina look like a Stepford Wives convention. Still, our troops pressed on and completed the mission.

As always Lord Vader leads the way into battle. He was in especially good spirits as he found the opportunity to force-choke two or three local denizens .. just for kicks.

Lord Vader wisely requisitioned an Armored Imperial Personnel Carrier as a safeguard in the event we were ambushed. Luckily we did not need to take shelter in the mobile unit.

The prisoners were compelled to display a joyous composure so as not to tip off local insurgents of their plight.

Vader even had an opportunity to see an old friend though C3-P0’s appearance has changed a bit due to the last round of protocol droid upgrades.

Shortly before the scheduled terminations, the troops took a moment to pose for a photo with the prisoners for next year’s holiday card to the Emperor.

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I am told by our battery commander that Lord Vader is very pleased with our performance during this action and as such he issues extra rations of Jawa juice for all officers and troopers who participated.

Great work troopers! It’s nice NOT to be in trouble with Vader once in a while isn’t it?

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: