Replacement Arriving Shortly

:Begin Transmission:

Attention all troopers on the forest moon of Endor.

You are ordered to prepare for the first of many replacements to the forest moon outpost due to the repeated guerrilla attacks by the native “Ewok” animals. Lord Vader has seen fit to replenish our ranks in preparation for the arrival of the Emperor on the incomplete Death Star orbiting our installation. Lord Vader has insinuated that we will be a part of a decisive blow against our enemies very soon!

The garrison’s newest member is TK-82237 who hails from the Outer Rim. 82237 has recently defected from the Alliance to join the Imperial cause of imposing a safe and secure future on the galaxy. He has provided valuable information to our intelligence officers and continues to advise fellow troopers on tactics which will exploit the weaknesses of the ill-trained rebels.

Welcome to the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion TK-82237, soon you will be a part of a great Imperial victory!

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: