Safety Reminder: No Unauthorized Flights

:Begin Transmission:

Deck officers are sternly reminded to observe established operational policies regarding active flight-ops authorization protocol. Of these protocols Imperial Operations Code IOC-234.3 is especially important as it clearly states TIE Reserve Pilots are not authorized for solo flights without express permission of their flight instructors.

Some in this command are already aware of the regrettable incident in the maintenance hanger in which one of our newest TIE Reserve Pilots, TI-8755, was wrongly granted flight access by Imperial Crewman 4348. This ill-fated solo attempt resulted in extensive damage to one of our TIE fighters as well as much of the equipment in the maintenance hangar. TI-8755 has learned a valuable lesson in pre-flight preparations and will likely not forget to verify ION engine energy levels before attempting flight.

As a result of this transgression IC-4348 has been assigned to remove and steam-clean all thermal exhaust port covers in the main trench while TI-8755, pictured to the right, has been debited 100 hours of his accumulated flight time and barred from hangar access unless personally accompanied by his instructor. If this cadet is seen attempting to access flight assets he is to be detained and reported to the Master Crew Chief immediately.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: