Sat June 16th – Atlanta Roller Girls Star Wars Roller Derby


The Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion will invade and occupy the Yaarab Shrine sector this Saturday June 16th in order to quell a brewing civil war among the local tribes known as the Denim Demons and the Sake Tuyas as well as the Apocalypstix and the Toxic Shocks. The anger and hatred runs deep in these four clans and according to our Garindan informers the tribe’s leaders have set the stage for a battle to the end.

While the Empire does not usually concern itself with local disturbances Lord Vader has indicated that a person of interest to the Emperor may be infiltrating the mining platform which orbits this planet during the disturbance. An image obtained by our probe droids has been provided below for your mission briefing. Study it well.

Additional schematics and system information may be located at: