St. Patrick’s Day Crowd Control

:Begin Transmission:

Mission Report for St. Patrick’s Day peacekeeping mission.

The Georgia Garrison was dispatched to Atlanta this weekend, tasked with maintaining order during local festivities.


Scouts reported increased shenanigans and a startling rise of merrymaking in the populace.


The safety of the general public was maintained with a healthy supply of ground troops.


Our numbers were supplemented by a detachment of mercenaries.  They were commended for their performance and their festive attire.


Lord Vader personally kept an eye on a number of suspected troublemakers, breaking his personal best for number of stranglings in one afternoon.


We encountered a pocket of rebels during our security sweep.  They were summarily pinched and sent to the spice mines of Kessel.

Despite our successes, I am disappointed to say that cannot submit a flawless report to Command.  I have been made aware of a security recording displaying behavior unbecoming of our troops.  In light of this shocking breach of conduct I have requested a performance review of all soldiers involved to be conducted at once.

TK 5934

:End Transmission: