Star Wars Celebration Teases 2019 while we are still hungry for 2017

While everyone is still scrambling to be ready for Celebration Orlando in in just 5 weeks, the marketing folks at Star Wars Celebration is already trying to stir the frenzy for 2019!  Announced yesterday on Celebration’s official site was a quick tease that we should soon expect dates and location for the next US based Celebration in 2019.

Celebration is the official, definitive Star Wars event, with entertainment, interactive experiences and exclusives that can only be found at this Lucasfilm production. They are the ultimate community fan gathering as well, and friends will want to start planning to be together again to commemorate everyone’s favorite saga. The next official Celebration is slated for a location and date soon-to-be announced, in 2019.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on Celebration Orlando programming, and for news on the next Celebration!