Tellus Science Museum Patrol Success

:Begin Transmission:

Troopers of the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion I am proud to announce that the Emperor is most pleased with our performance at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, GA.

Additional Patrol Images Available in the Imperial Archives

Native rabble-rousers attempted to thwart our legal occupation of this facility, but their technology proved inadequate and antiquated to say the least. No serious opposition was encountered.

Members of the 501st Legion Pathfinders Detachment were suitably amused at the (captured) technology marshaled against their forces. In an unlikely turn of events no scouts were lost due to immediate deceleration impacts as has been the norm in past actions.

Lord Vader was especially pleased to see veterans of the Clone Wars participating in this action as Imperial public relations emissaries. Their service and loyalty to the Emperor and loyalty in the early days of the First Galactic Empire will be honored for all time.

All troopers are hereby authorized to partake in equal shares of the liberated stores of Jawa juice to celebrate this victorious action. Take heed though, in the new day we will embark through hyperspace in order to quell a reported disturbance in the Chastain Park sector. Intelligence indicates that music copyrighted by the Empire is being purveyed without proper authorization and we are to take care of those responsible.

Death Stars don’t pay for themselves folks, royalties matter. Be ready!

Additional Mission Images Available in the Imperial Archives

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: