The Empire – From the Front Lines

501st Alias/Callsign – Krkconsult

TKID – 6247

What is your name and why did you pick your 501st Alias? – 
Kris Kuipers, I picked it because it was my board name for years and the was what I used for a company I used to own. KRK Consulting.
My ID is my birthday (reversed) 1962, April 7.

When did you join the Legion and why? –
2008, My daughter who was 16 at the time wanted to troop Make A Wish events as Boushh.

Of all of the troops you have been a part of, which one has stood out the most & why? –
One of my first troops was a parade created by Make-A-Wish for a boy who wanted to be in a parade. My reoccurring favorite is an annual troop at the Atlanta Shrine Temple for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundations Christmas Party.

How has being a part of the 501st impacted your life? –
It changed it in may ways. Brought my family closer together (we all are members). Drove me to participate in Legion Leadership.
Met many, many new friends.

Outside of trooping and 501st related stuff, what do you do for a living, and what are some other interests or hobbies that you have? –
Associate Partner in an engineering firm. Design Audio-Video, communications and theatre systems.
Hobbies include wood working, costuming, pool, guitars, and with the purchase of our new (old) house learning gardening, yard maintenance and fixing things.

Can you give us an idea as to the kind of support you get from friends and family regarding the 501st and all the great things that you have done with the GA Garrison? –
Friends and family have been very supportive. The fellowship of the “Old guard” of the Legion and the Garrison has been wonderful and many of the new members I have had the opportunity to meet have been great. The Garrison pushed me into Leadership roles (former CO for GA, XO of Sith Lords, DL of Clone troopers, and LCO) but those all came at a cost. Trooping comes at a cost, financially, emotionally and time, so I don’t troop as much as I would like any more and have withdrawn from roles of leadership. All in all the Legion is a wonderful organization that I am proud to be a part of.

And lastly, is there anything, Star Wars related or not, that people might not know about you that they might be surprised to find out? –
My “first troop” was in 1980, at the Lode Theater in Houghton Michigan for the opening of Empire Strikes Back as Chewbacca.