The Great Jawa Build

Article by Scott Crowell 

Red Clay Tribe is full of many Denizens of Krayt Clan. We’ve a Gamorrean, full ensemble of Bith, and fearsome Tuskens; and they all deserve their own story. But this isn’t their story. This is about the Year of the Jawa. The year Georgia Garrison became Jawja Garrison.

I never would of imagined when I came back from Celebration VIII, after meeting all the Krayt Clan Leadership and forming our own little Tribe in Georgia, it would ever be what it has become.
It started with Kayna Wilbur(23614) and Leigh Cornelison(42870) always willing to help you put together your own Jawa. With the Tribe forming, we pulled several older Jawas who had moved to other things, and recruited new members, including Peggy Eisenhauer(6197), who has the distinction of being mother of the Chess Jawa (a teen who raises money for charity.) Peggy has become one of our fantastic Mama Jawas herself.

In no time, our Jawa population was in the teens, and troops were no longer graced with a Token Jawa. Jawa were underfoot everywhere. Shenanigans were had. And it just took Peggy asking one question,”What’s our Jawa population, compared to other Garrisons?” What an amazing thing, Georgia Garrison and Red Clay Tribe numbers were being compared to other “Country” Garrisons.

Well, Georgia Garrison’s ‘spirit of competition’ was stoked. Our Mama Jawas got together and mathed. Woah, did they Math. As a result, they figured it was feasible to produce accurate Jawa costumes, in mass, making it more affordable to everyone involved. There was a sweet spot threshold where they realized we could probably make 100 Jawas, for around 100 dollars per kit! The interest was there. But could it actually happen? Would there be follow through?

Georgia Garrison’s support of this project was staggering. By late December, over 100 people had committed to getting a Jawa – existing Garrison members, family members, cadets, friends, even folks from the Alabama 501st! Leigh used the term “Jawannabes” and it aptly stuck. Even Command Staff got in on the action (prior ‘and’ current). Everybody wanted a Jawa!

The Order for 670 Yards of Monks Cloth was made. (Has your BBB Day ever included 11 boxes at 50 pounds each?!)

180 Bottles of dye; and it still wasn’t enough.

Something like this just doesn’t happen. Our Mama Jawas, Peggy Eisenhauer, Leigh Cornelison, Amy Bray(11342), and Jennifer Lee(91600) began this orchestration.

Matt Melton(61700) donated an old washing machine (which was promptly named “DyeAnn”) to enable all that cloth to be dyed. Christine Lee(10401) and Laura Richmond(92308) stepped up to help as well.

Groups were organized for the individual parts; Mask, Fabric, and Bandolier. Greg Eisenhauer(61970) designed a new mask to include fans and a rechargeable battery pack. 40 hours were invested into making 100 masks.

David Hearn(24122) spent time cutting over 500 pouches for the bandoliers that Greg and Jen Belgin(5361) used for build parties.]

Twelve different fabric groups held their own build parties just to sew fabric. These groups met all over the metro Atlanta area.

And the Jawa takeover did not just end there. Officer Shane Fitch(87690) and Officer Jeff Shepard(91111) were given permission to utilize Hogansville Police Department property for a build party that completed eight Jawas in four hours.

Miranda Rosenblum(80400) corralled 3 fabric build groups into a Masonic Lodge. 24 People, 14 Sewing Machines, and only 9 people who knew how to sew (at first).

A moment of silence for those machines that didn’t make it.

The first public unveiling happened at the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Atlanta.

50 Jawas showed up to the parade. For this ride, the StormTroopers got stuck in the back.

The idea was sparked in November.
The fabric was bought in December.
The first Jawa group (THE ENFORCERS) met in January. The majority of the Horde finished In February, with a few straggler finishes and touch ups the first week of March.
112 Jawas complete
95 Approvable 501st costumes (of which 76 have been approved already).
17 Galactic Academy Jawas.
+1 American Girl Doll Jawa.
That moment on March 16, 2018 when we became the Largest Jawa Population in a Garrison in the World:

Another special thanks to Peggy Eisenhauer for all her work. She was the match under all those Jawa Butts. And to Charles Ecton (72627) our outgoing GML, and Tom Taylor(18545), our new GML, who had to handle all those Jawa Applications.

Till next time; “Keep Calm and Jawa On”
ElektroViking 42024
Red Clay Tribe