Trooper Recognition- AmpTrooper


 Three years ago,  a strange post went up on the boards talking about how this new guy had moved to Kathleen, already acquired armor, and wanted to know if there were any locals that could help him fit it to him.  But there was a catch, he was missing his right leg, and wanted to incorporate that into the costume.

 So the legend of the AmpTrooper was born.  From the start, Corey’s main goal within the 501st has always been to show how his disabilty could still be used to give others confidence. 

 Sure there were time when he could not troop as long as the rest of the troops, or was in severe pain, but put him in front of a group of kids, and he would be the best repersentative of the 501st he could be.

 This past year started off with Corey being elected Ocmulgee Squad leader, and he hit the ground running!  Hosting armor parties, recruiting new members, and being there if anyone needed to talk about anything, no matter if it was Squad related or not. 

 This past weekend,  Oct. 29 th,  the Squad had to say a temporary goodbye to Corey, & his family.  All the love and passion he showed complete strangers, was needed up in Indiana,  where his mother is suffering an illness.  So we packed up their rental trucks and sent them north, but in true Ocmulgee Squad fashion, we didn’t just let him leave, we were proud to present him with a palque, and custom helmet bag (of course not everything could go 100% perfect,  the embroidery is missing Squad. )