Update: Collaborators Identified

From the Desk of  Governor Tarkin

To all Georgia Garrison personnel,

I am pleased to announce that the troops involved in last week’s revelry with Rebel and Bounty Hunter scum have been identified thanks to the efforts of our newest member Imperial Crewman 4348 who loyally provided a list of all troopers and officers involved in this deplorable fraternization.

Hero: Imperial Crewman 4348

Some of you may now know IC-4348 has recently defected from the Rebel Alliance and continues to provide a wealth of information about their operations, force strength and capabilities. He was also instrumental in our little ruse concerning the cargo freighter incident in the main hangar bay earlier this week. Under my orders, IC-4348 was able to hide a homing beacon on the ship which we are now tracking as we believe the Rebels aboard will lead us to the Alliance base of operations.

In this moment of triumph the operation resulted in the termination of one of the last remaining Jedi at the hand of Lord Vader. While many troopers were lost in this action, most of them were in fact the same ones involved in the unsanctioned revelry. Those who were not terminated have been reduced to cadet status and assigned to clear the trash levels of the recently discovered Dianoga infestation. Let this be a lesson to all in this command.

As of now planetary leave is still suspended as we track the Rebel cargo ship. While the exact location is not yet known we believe they are headed to the Outer Rim Territory somewhere in the Gordian Reach Sector. Once we have dealt with these last remnants of the Rebel Alliance and they are swept away permanently I will order my officers to re-instate liberty passes.

Governor Willhuff Tarkin

Grand Moff, Imperial Navy