Attention all Troops:Urgent Imperial Relations Mission!

:Begin Transmission:

Attention all officers, troopers, scum and assorted denizens of the Georgia Garrison!

As previously threatened one month ago, the Imperial propaganda candidate selection has begun based on all images provided to date. Exemplary troopers will be chosen for soft duty on emerging worlds, others will be commanded to ensure their productivity is not missed in future endeavors. You will accept your fate in this highly questionable, politically charged and easily bought process and frankly you will like it, so says the Emperor!

Initial propaganda imagery of CC-1138 is provided below for your deliberations.

If you would like to review all images submitted you may do so in the newly formed Imperial Relations Gallery.

Be sure to review the technical requirements and actual examples of these posters in the Georgia Garrison’s Secure Channel.

Let it be known that troopers in this command  must thank TD-5085 from the Florida Garrison for his contribution to our cause. He has terminated many a Bothan Spy to ensure this information was secured and exploited for our agenda.

There are limited cycles available and members of this command are ordered to submit imaging scans forthwith which comply to the specifications set forth by Admiral Draper.

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,


:End Transmission: