Victory Over Hoth Parade This Saturday!

:Begin Priority Command Transmission:

From the Executor Command Bridge, Admiral Kuipers

To all Georgia Garrison Personnel,

I am pleased to announce that all major hostilities on the ice plant Hoth have ceased after our glorious victory over the Rebels hiding on that desolate wasteland.

Lord Vader has commanded me to declare this Saturday a day of celebration in honor of his achievements in this battle. As such all troopers will muster for a celebratory parade to begin at 10:30 am in the nearby supply station of Atlanta where the local populace will be compelled to pay homage to the Empire’s fair but firm reign over this sector of the galaxy.

To show the locals that we too have a soft spot for younglings, all parade participants are ordered to advertise this victory procession as the Children’s Christmas Parade in honor of local traditions and customs.

Our reserve troopers are now clearing out the remaining remnants of these weak-willed and emaciated traitors. After they are force marched through the streets of Atlanta as an example to others they will be processed, charged, convicted and dealt with accordingly in very short order.

I am especially pleased to announce the capture of the so-called Alliance’s number 2 (Acting Major) in command on Hoth. This dim-witted insurgent Corporal known only as Ariq Poolm who was given a number of field commissions during the battle as insurgent leaders were mowed down by our superior troops, firepower and technology.

He was found to be cowering in the belly of a dead and disgusting creature native to this sector known as a Tauntaun.

While his ill fated troops continued the fight, this “leader” chose to run and hide.

You will be happy to know that this insurgent will lead the party of prisoners in our procession. Snowtroopers are ordered to ensure he keeps pace with extreme prejudice so that this scum is not late for his own termination.

I hope this serves as a reminder of the quality of sentient beings we are dealing with in this conflict. Our total victory over this rabble is all but assured.

To reward you for your efforts, once the procession is complete you are authorized for a 24 hour shore leave within the Atlanta metropolis. Formation will commence on Monday at 04:00 as we resume training for our next target, the Cloud City of Bespin which Lord Vader feels is of strategic importance to our continuing operations against the remaining Rebel forces.

Dictated But Not Read

Fleet Admiral Kris Kuipers

Imperial Navy

:End Priority Command Transmission: