:Begin Transmission:

The Georgia Garrison descended upon Villains eatery to revive our troopers and boost morale.  Intelligence suggested a high probability of encountering heroes during our sweep of the area.

903 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

Locals were supportive of Imperial activity in the area.

Vader duels a sub

Sandwiches were graciously donated by the staff, who all had an aversion to being strangled.

Handsome Devils

Security detail performed admirably, despite one trooper’s desperate need for a shower.


A detachment of Mandolorian mercenaries joined our raid, maintaining appropriate levels of fear in the locals.


Lord Vader treated the crowd to a soulful rendition of his favorite Willow Smith song.

Boba "Deli Disintigrator" Fett

Boba Fett secured the perimeter with extreme prejudice and admirable style.

501st Georgia Garrison with Villains staff

The high point of the day remained our charity effort.  Thanks to Villains and its clientele we were able to raise $500 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Our forces are humbled by the generosity displaced at Villains.

The Georgia Garrison will return to Villains shortly.

In Service to the Empire and with Unquestioned Loyalty,


:End Transmission: