Welcome Katie, Newest Addition to the Stormtroop Ranks!

Many of you may recall the story of young Katie Goldman, a girl from Illinois who was bullied for bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school in first grade. News of her predicament raced across the internet and prompted an overwhelming response from anti-bullying advocates as well as Star Wars fans alike.

Katie has received gifts and well wishes from people all over the world including Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ashoka on Star Wars the Clone Wars. She has been invited to attend fan conventions across the country and the revelations of her bullying prompted her mother to write a book about bullying for parents.

The 501st has been a part of this response since Katie’s story went public and her mother has gone so far as to state, “I often say that my husband and I were the first ones to adopt Katie, but she has since been adopted by the Geeks, the 501st, and the Star Wars fans around the world. ”

Recently, members of the 501st Midwest Garrison in Illinois received word that Katie wanted to be a Stormtrooper and that she was saving for a costume from Target to make this happen. Those who know members of the 501st understand full well we take our armor seriously and thus began a group effort by members of the 501st Legion, the Midwest Garrison and the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) to ensure Katie’s armor was up to Legion standards.

In just over one month these 501st members not only raised the funds needed to obtain the parts needed for Katie’s armor, but they also assembled and delivered the armor to Katie in time for Halloween! Here is Katie in the center surrounded by members of her new squad.

Katie will troop in her new armor until such time as she outgrows it. She and her mom have agreed to donate the armor back to the Legion at that time so that it may be used to fulfill Make a Wish requests or for other suitable charitable efforts. You can read a full account of the days leading up to and including this event as penned by Katie’s mom Carrie in Chicago Now.

The Georgia Garrison tips its helmet to all members of the 501st Legion, the Midwest Garrison and the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment who made this fantastic gesture possible. You make us proud ladies and gentleman, thank you for all you do.

Last but not least a huge welcome and congratulations Katie, we are proud to serve with you and hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

In service to the Empire and with unquestioning loyalty,