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Another report from the Colonel has been sent in.

AAR 01-10-15

Imperial military command,
Imperial city, coruscant

Colonel Dimitreus Xukov,
Georgia Garrison

RE: After action report – public relations tour, Atlanta gift mart

On 01.10.2015 several troopers from the 501st legion Georgia garrison were dispatched to escort lord Vader on a public relations tour in the free trade zone of Atlanta. This tour consisted of photo opportunities with business leaders as well as discussions on the state of the empire and the burgeoning rebellion in the outer rim territories. Two representatives from the local imperial security bureau office were also on hand, no doubt to ensure strict adherence to imperial public relations protocol when dealing with non-military personal and civilian government officials. The troopers acted with consummate professionalism, and it was an honor for all of us to serve alongside Lord Vader. It is the most sincere hope of this officer, and the men under my command that we may
one day serve beside Lord Vader in battle against our common enemies.

Empire Forever,
Colonel Dimitreus Xukov
501st Legion
Special Operations Command


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